DBNW PodCasts

DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-9

Come take a ride on the Millenia2 Space Elevator and bask in the Rings of Norsoom.


DamonsBraveNewWorld S-1 E-10

In the final episode of Season One, we’re going to visit a comet, discuss self-replicating Robots and Staar Fusion among other subjects.

PodCast Prologue

Dear Sci-Fi Fans…

These Podcast were created with two goals in mind.

The first of course was to bring The DianToz Civilization to life through a narrative presentation.

The second goal was to entertain through music.

This is a whole new universe so there is a lot to take in.

Our hope is that the ideas and the music will  keep you coming back to hear the episodes more than once.