Climate Crisis

The world of DianToz once  suffered great devastation at the hands of catastrophic climate change.  Our species produced poisonous gasses through industrialization that nearly destroyed our civilization.

As we produced carbon dioxide, methane and other gases our oceans became warmer.  Hurricanes and Cyclones grew in titantic magnitude and ravaged our world delivering herculean winds and rain storms to crowded parts of the planet.  Many coastal cities were reduced to ground zero.

Because the polar caps experienced significant loss of ice and snow, countless islands and coastlines soon disappeared. Numberless people from all walks of life lost loved ones and material value. The only thing that remained for many were memories of better times.

As the great benefactors stepped up their battle against time, resources were no longer a problem.  Science began to Solve the perilous dilemma of climate change.

One of the ways our civilization had great success was using zero carbon synthetic fuels. Upon the discovery of a new technology that could create synthetic fuel by removing carbon dioxide from the atmosphere, the time to reverse the damage went from decades to months.

Empiricism was saving our world.

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