The Chronicles of DianToz-Episode 1

The Chronicles of DianToz


Between 700 and 200 thousand years ago, there lived on the planet earth, an ancient bipedal species called Homo Heidelbergensis.

There were at least 16 early hominid species before Homo Heidelbergensis, yet Homo Heidelbergensis was the first known ancient human species to successfully hunt large prehistoric animals. They became a species to reckon with as they mastered fire and built hearths to stay warm at night and ward off fierce predators.

200,000 the planet earth was a fearsome world and the greatest challenge was survival for all species especially humanoids.

For the 19 or so species that occupied the human family tree, extinction took place for all but one.

And even with homo spaiens, extinction came oh so very close…At one point it is estimated that only 2500 humans inhabited the planet earth. Any number of catastrophes or pandemic could have wiped out humanity forever.

Which brings us back to Homo Heidelbergensis.

On the planet Earth, Homo Heidelbergensis became ancestor of Homo Sapiens and Home Heidelbergensis.

Yet, they were not the only two descendants of Homo Heidelbergensis. Homo Heidelbergensis progeny are alive and well and reside in The Pegasus Star Cluster, only 24 light years away. This Celestial Cousin of Man lives on the home world of DianToz, surrounded by three stars and 18 neighboring planets. Celestial Cousins? How can that be?

Tune in to the next installment of The Chronicles of DianToz  

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