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Space Balloon-An Alternative Viewpoint

An alternative way for Space Travel in our lifetime. How many of us have marveled what it would be like to travel into...

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Episode 1 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana introduce The Land of DianToz

Welcome to the wacky world of Professor Cosmo & DeLana and learn about The Land of DianToz and all the exoplanets of The...

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Episode 2 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-Space Mining

Space Mining holds the key to not only Space Exploration, but also offers the solution to many of the worlds problems. Come listen...

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Episode 3 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-The Three Rings of DianToz

Professor Cosmo & DeLana reveal fascinating facts about The Three artificial Rings of DianToz which provide fascinating resources to the people of DianToz.

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Episode 4 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-The Wondrous Rings of NorSoom

Professor Cosmo & DeLana are back at it again, this time sharing info about the exoplanet NorSoom and the wonderous rings that orbit...

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Episode 5 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-DunZeer The Desert World

Professor Cosmo & DeLana share exciting stories about exotic life on a Desert Planet.

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