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Episode 6-Professor Cosmo & DeLana-VenTua The Methane Exoplanet

Journey with Professor Cosmos & DeLana to The Methane world of VenTua, where liquid methane lakes populate the landscape.

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Episode 7 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-MiThoz The Alpha Star II

The Professor & DeLana discuss MiThoz the sister sun to SoVran, part of a binary system within The DianToz Tri-System.

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Episode 8 – Professor Cosmo & DeLana-YeNaar the Helium World

Professor Cosmo & DeLana discuss the unique world of YeNaar, the only Helium world in the Tri-System.

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The Chronicles of DianToz-Episode 1

The Weekly Epistle -7:1:21- Learn about the true origins of the people of DianToz and how they are Celestial Cousins to the people of...

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Episode 2 – Chronicles of DianToz

The Weekly Epistle -7:7:21- Continue the Space Odyssey as we learn about The Three Rings of DianToz and how they benefit Diankind...

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