History and Overview

Our Space Odyssey continues with MeGron the closest planet to SoVran.
In ancient times the mighty gas giant planet was quite visible in the night sky. The ancient astrologers postulated that MeGron was a lost moon and had angered the Gods, doomed to wander the heavens, reaching for DianToz (as the planet’s orbit brought it closer)and being pulled away by the angry Gods(as the planet’s orbit turned outward)

Statistics and relations to other planets

MeGron is a planet composed primarily of hydrogen and helium and is covered in thick red, brown, yellow and white clouds
Being The closest planet that circles SoVran has transformed MeGron into a super hot gas giant. The intense heat from SoVran combined with internal heating within the planet are a major contributor to inflating the atmosphere.
MeGron is tidally locked and orbits SoVran in a mere 3 days!

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