The Harnessing of Staar Energy

The ultimate energy source is nuclear fusion. It is the most abundant energy in the universe. The energy produced by each and every star is nuclear fusion. 

We call it Staar Energy.

Scientist had been close to unlocking the secrets to nuclear fusion for decades but resources were always limited before The Age of Space Mining came into being.  Super Colliders became top priority. The WRCC enacted a crash program to finally make nuclear fusion a reality. Many of the world’s most highly regarded scientist were dedicating themselves to making this the ultimate legacy for DianToz and The Scientific Community. At their disposal were all powerful super computers, at their disposal were untold investments , and at their disposal were whatever resources necessary.

The ramifications were incalculable. Unlimited Energy was truly one of the most momentous and symbolic steps towards Utopia. 

Within half a decade Staar Energy was fully operational on countless levels of life.

There was strong conjecture that beyond the obvious benefits to fusion, harnessing Staar Energy held even greater secrets for Diankind.  

Unlocking the secrets to Warp Drive and Time Travel to mention just a few.

But that’s another story.

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