The New Land Rush Moving Forward

Space Life has become the passion of our civilization.  

A major land rush came into existence as new worlds became the destination for many people looking for adventure. Some choose living on one planet involved in hands-on endeavors utilizing long term terraform projects and exotic genetic technologies.

They prefer a more singular habitat… A permanent place they can call home.

While some of us can call one world home, others call the stars home. The lifespan is long and there is time for much exploration. Many Asteroids have become home bases to the people of DianToz. Asteroid Travel has become an expedient destination to establishing bases and cities. TI(Tronic Intelligence) has modeled a road map to reach all three solar systems in a compelling and alluring manner.  Many choose the exploration of multiple wonders of The DianToz Trinary Star system. The choice is our own choice. Whether one’s migration be a planet, a moon, an asteroid, or even multiple asteroids crossing our three stars, home could and can be anywhere.     

For the first time in perhaps tens of thousands of years, we are again migrating as a species. Our Vanguard known as The Alpha Scouts blaze a space trail for adventurous settlers.

The Space Frontier has been waiting for its children to come home.

Plenty of room for everyone. No more need for wars to possess land.

We have become a race of Space Nomads in a CosmoCratic Society

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