1. Plato’s New Republic

Message From DianToz-The New Battlefront 7/17/2120

7/17/2120 People of Earth You are again at a crossroads in your timeline. Your existence continues to evolve and is wondrous in so many ways, yet those among you continue to exhibit fear and mistrust of your fellow species. The struggle for some (within your culture) to accept Globalization is the root of the problem….

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The New Land Rush Moving Forward

Space Life has become the passion of our civilization.   A major land rush came into existence as new worlds became the destination for many people looking for adventure. Some choose living on one planet involved in hands-on endeavors utilizing long term terraform projects and exotic genetic technologies. They prefer a more singular habitat… A permanent…

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Economic Revolution

Less than 100 years ago scientists and developmental thinkers warned that civilization was faced with a perfect storm of ecological and social problems driven by overpopulation, overconsumption, and environmentally baleful technologies. The difficult economic times were understandable given the misguided values of economics. There needed to be a deep fundamental restructuring of the economic principles…

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A CosmoCratic Society

Space Mining became the driving force that brought about the great reformation… The Interstellar Mining Federation came into being and in it’s benevolence wisely invested in the unlimited potential of the struggling masses. Space factories multiplied exponentially with Robotics providing limitless manufacturing. Astounding revenue was generated by mining the asteroids and in turn reinvested into…

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The Dark Times

At one pivotal point in our history the mightiest nation amongst us was engulfed in a great struggle for power. It was the beacon republic of DianToz, formed as a melting pot of races from around the planet. It was a sovereign nation founded on equality for all races. In the beginning of The New…

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