Once mining operations were underway, it didn't take long, for Project MineStar, to give rise to untold riches from the asteroids.

One of the most profound changes was the creation of an epic generation of self replicating robots for The MineStar Project. Each generation that was created after Gen1 involved no monetary investment.  Labor and Materials in space were free. Amazingly simple and abundant. It was unprecedented and never before seen or created.

We have created financial  freedom without money.

It is a wealth that has become available to everybody on our home world.

Imagine a society where all your basic needs are considered a birthright.

The Four Unions of DianToz were in an uproar of approval.

Robot factories were begetting more robot factories.  One of the types of starships that Tronic>I was building, was the Hydro>Photonic Shipper , a life sustaining vessel that could travel through our star systems traveling at speeds of up to 30,000 MPH (48,000  KMH )without any cost or expense.

Sending a fleet of StarShips to other planets and moons was now a reality.


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