Celestial Cousins

As different as our own trinary star system is from your uniquely single star system, there are ethereal similarities between the people of Earth and DianToz.

We have wondered (while observing your planet), if there is the possibility you are from the same primordial soup that we are.

Could we be Celestial Cousins?          

Like your species, our species originally descended from primitive life forms. Through advances made through science, we have enhanced our physiology and our intelligence.

We too have suffered a long history of bloodshed, wars, prejudice and genocide. We have struggled mightily to evolve to where we are today. A striking congruence is how our civilizations have followed kindred paths.

The billionaires of your world are now reaching for the stars in your timeline. The magnanimous billionaires of our world provided us the roadmap to reach our potential.


We were destined to be a Super Race that travels the stars.

Immortality is within reach…

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