Space Travel-The Ultimate Vacation

Space Mining revolutionized world currency and world power.

The impact on Diankind was profound and far reaching.

 For the first time in our history, wealth and comfort became the standard for many.

As the world grew in great riches, something wonderful happened.

Senseless Terrorism lost its hold on the poor and young. Terrorists Training Camps were diminished as the CapaCloud offered noteworthy and uplifting opportunities to escape from a life of misery and hate.  Communication devices, material goods, and revenue were available to all. Impoverished countries now had resources to not only feed and shelter the poor but also educate the masses.

As a result, a new World Middle Class was born, displacing poverty, ignorance and hate. Aided by The CapaCloud and unlimited investment, the World Middle Class (WMC)became a powerful and educated ruling caste, embracing the impact of science, technology and spirituality. 

Asteroid Mining was distributing the wealth and life was good.

Tronic`I   was building a stairway to the stars. 

Space Travel was now the Ultimate Vacation. It had become affordable and readily available for all.

The Space Land Rush had begun.

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