StarDay 2058-Preamble Transcript put forth at The 4Unions~ World Conference

Team members of Project MineStar and esteemed representatives of The 4Unions~

I bid you welcome to the 2058- 4Unions~ World Conference.(applause)

We have been preparing for this day as long as our species can remember, a period in time where the world of DianKind can realize peace. Many sacrifices were made along the way, too many to mention.  Our gratitude to The World Re>Creation Council for coalescing ideas and strategies through CapaCloudand TI(TronicIntelligence). 

We have opened all doors to our hopes and dreams.

All for one reason… to continue the ongoing preparation of bringing us into a new era of prosperity for the betterment of DianKind.       

Let us unite as a planet! (applause)

The World of DianToz recognizes Project MineStar. As you are all well aware, one of the primary initial goals for Project MineStar has been to search for and harvest mineral wealth such as platinum and other useful metals that have become depleted here on DianToz. Just as important, has been our search for water for future space exploration. 

My respected colleagues, this is only the dawn of where this Grand Venture will take us.  As promised and defined to the people of DianToz, our plan is to generously invest the wealth from this endeavor with all of Diankind.  (Applause)

And the most exciting part about this, my esteemed colleagues, is that this non-profit entreprise is becoming the most profitable project ever undertaken by our people. (applause)The majority of the proceeds                are being generously allocated to every need possible.  We have addressed basic needs such as Food, Shelter, and Educational Resources to funding massive spatial projects put forth by visionaries  who are fulfilling many aspirations!  And still….so much more…..

There is a amazing  revolution at hand! (applause)From emergency relief to building new infrastructures , through various investments and educational  programs such as The 5th Generation, the resources have become available now to help whatever the challenge is. It is an exciting time to be alive! (applause)

Proceeds also will be generously allocated for continued clean energy.  Strong funding will be advanced to expand research and development projects for tronic intelligence for the next century. Our implementation process is designed for long term planning and growth that will benefit all nations of  Diantoz.

Our new world space infrastructure can and has become the beacon that will build a new foundation for world peace.. (applause)and launch us to the stars!(Applause)


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