2.b The New Era

The World Re>Creation Council

The Great Transformation was aided by a series of events put forth by the philanthropic Interstellar Mining Foundation. An epic decision was constituted by these exalted philanthropist that propelled DianToz to the next level- the creation of The World Re>Creation Council. Star Day 2058:  The year the Interstellar Mining Foundation established a new governing body….

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StarDay 2068

StarDay 2068-Preamble Transcript put forth at The 4Unions~ World Conference Team members of Project MineStar and esteemed representatives of The 4Unions~ I bid you welcome to the 2068- 4Unions~ World Conference.(applause) We have been preparing for this day as long as our species can remember, a period in time where the world of DianKind can…

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Habitable Asteroids

The World ReCreation Council had recommended that it would be vastly more resource-efficient to convert asteroids into livable bases than converting entire planets.  It was a natural evolution from mining the asteroids in the late 2060’s to actually developing livable colonies for the 70’s and beyond. Since the Alpha1 System contains 100’s of thousands of…

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A New Race of Einsteins…and more

Unlocking the secrets of the stars has become the passion for many of our world citizens. An amazing undertaking if you are a productive being. It becomes a fascinating premise if your life is long and healthy.  Evolution has continued to manifest itself in The DianToz Culture. We are a race of self-motivated highly intelligent…

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